18-02-2016 Market of freelance outsource of Eastern Europe in 2015

Research is executed on the own method of top$dev based on information from the largest freelance­exchanges: more than 120 thousand types of freelance­developers and 700 thousand projects.


  • the shares of Belarus and Russia have increased significantly ­ by 69 and 15 percent, the share of Ukraine for the second year in a row is reduced by 8%, but remains a leader;
  • characteristically, that countries with higher rates (and apparently, more claimed skills) increased their shares;
  • skills of ios and android development noticeably increased the shares and also javascript. The "old" leader­ skills gradually hand over the position;
  • USA and European countries significantly increased the share of orders. Perhaps it's indirectly testifies of a crisis in the rest of the world and reduce the potential for outsourcing orders.

Top of developers at the market of freelance­programming of Eastern Europe.

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Contacts: Katherine Yarovenko